Mobile Lumpers™

Shipping. Receiving. Inventory. General Labor.

Let us handle it for you!

WE are your loading, unloading, processing and general labor team specializing in portable containers, storage units, moving trucks, trailers, rail cars, and warehouses. We also provide on-site palletizing, pallet repair, sorting and re-stacking, shifted load fixes, load salvaging, driver helpers, sanitation services, pool distribution, and commercial and industrial equipment certified operators.

Our staff is here to help GET THE JOB DONE efficiently, safely, yet quick as possible. We look forward to working with you.

We're up front with our prices, and additional hours are prorated by 60 minutes.
All rates are for a single lumper because we work on a first booked basis.
A crew of professionals catered to your needs is available WHEN YOU PLAN IN ADVANCE.


We're available 24/7 and will come to your location.
Dispatch & On-call Rates / Financing Available.
No local travel charges or additional fees for last minute requests.

call for availability: (877) 956-8355
call / text: (312) 970-1046

Sorry, we do not accept Cash, (e) Checks, or Money orders. We are "PayPal Verified" for a bilateral contract agreement and the Safety of our Clients as well as Ourselves…

We are extremely wary of distant buyers responding to our ad! We have received replies from scammers hoping to defraud us through schemes involving (counterfeit) cash, cashier's checks and/or wire transfers. Fake cashier's checks often clear funds, but banks hold Mobile Lumpers™ responsible for cashing the check when the fraud is discovered.

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